We Make Every Dollar Count


NexGen Media possesses the resources necessary to create the most effective media plans and buys. Personal service is a constant, and clients work closely with NexGen Media executives throughout the creation and implementation of their media program. Research begins the process, which includes understanding all aspects of the targets; demographics, consumer spending habits, media habits, lifestyle, product usage, etc. The media buying is executed by the planners themselves, insuring better rates as they have a superior brand knowledge. Furthermore, their buys are customized to the overall plan. Following implementation, NexGen Media continuously monitors the effectiveness of the plan, adjusting it accordingly.

The NexGen Media team has extensive experience in all media fields. The result is a dramatic reduction in time necessary for a client's media strategy to be planned, executed, tracked and analyzed. This is critical, in today’s media¬† environment, NexGen Media's track record of effective and creative media planning has proven to be an integral part of our clients’ success.


In 1979, Neil Faber opened the first media consulting company, Neil Faber Media, Inc. (NFM). Up to that date there had only been media buying companies, but Neil saw the way to cost effective buying through intelligent targeted planning. With smart and creative planning techniiques came the ability to pinpoint targets, which proved a much more efficient method than mass targeting.

By 1996, NFM predicted that the Internet will become a strong media source. Although, other Internet planning specialists were rising, they tended to focus only on the new media outlets, while the traditional media planners stayed within their own confines. NFM envisioned using the web in conjunction with traditional media, truly integrating both online and offline resources for maximum impact and addressing the coming interactive convergence, NexGen Media was created out of that vision.