Executives With Experience Work On Your Business Daily

Neil Faber
- Chief Executive Officer

Neil Faber is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of NexGen Media Worldwide. Prior to starting his own firm, Neil held a variety of executive positions in the advertising industry. Some of his earlier accomplishments include:

  • Della Femina Travisano & Partners - Senior Vice President, Director of Media. He developed both the New York and Los Angeles media departments into full service organizations. He also helped to create high media visibility through focused innovative strategies for clients such as Blue Nun Wine, Meow Mix and the first use of the :10 TV spots for Becks Beer.

  • Wells Rich Greene BDDP - Senior Media Director and Account Manager. He created innovative strategic media recommendations for Procter & Gamble and other key clients.

  • BBDO - Associate Media Director. He helped pioneer the long-term magazine position for Campbell's Soup, the first ad position preceding the main editorial section.

  • ABC Television - Eastern Sales Service Manager. He created and implemented a new concept of positioning network activity by program.

Neil is a frequent speaker at major advertising and marketing functions and is published in numerous trade magazines and marketing/advertising columns in the consumer press. Neil lectured as an adjunct professor of marketing at New York University (NYU) teaching courses in Media Planning, Buying and Research and The Next Generation of Media.

Amy Hochberg
 - President

Soon after joining the company, Amy became a key figure in the launch of NexGen Media. She is now responsible for all operations within the company and is the main contact for all clients. Amy's particular involvement with NexGen Media is to oversee and supervise the media planning/buying process and continually work with Allan Tepper, and the rest of the staff, to seek new and innovative uses of media for clients. She has a Masters Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University. Amy has spoken at various marketing functions and has taught at NYU.

Allan Tepper - Corporate Media Director

Allan has held high-level positions including media director at several major advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson and Bozell. He brings over 25 years of experience in media planning and buying and is intimately involved with each account. Allan provides in-depth research expertise to the NexGen AccuFocus System for planning and buying. His broad range of experience includes a variety of accounts such as Procter and Gamble, Samsonite, Miles Laboratories, NEC Technologies and categories such as travel, B to B, not-for-profit, food, and pharmaceuticals